Choosing The Best Spermicide Or Contraceptive Gel

If you've never used spermicide before, you might think choosing a brand is as simple as deciding which packaging you like best. Choosing a product that you will be using in your most intimate areas however should make you pause and think for a second. What are the ingredients? Are they natural or full of chemicals? Will it cause irritation? What are the potential side effects? If you are a seasoned spermicide user, you probably already know that each individual will react differently to the different cocktail of chemicals in traditional spermicides, and you also are probably frustrated by the lack of natural, organic, and yet effective alternatives.


At, we pride ourselves on educating the consumer, so that you can make the best,  and most informed decision about your birth control possible. Read about the traditional chemical based spermicides, Gygel, a Nonoxonal-9 based spermicide gel use with barrier contraceptives, and the revolutionary Contragel, an all new contraceptive gel to be used with barrier contraceptives that is natural, chemical free, and extremely reliable. 


ContraGel is the all-natural, vegan, safe and effective alternative to spermicide that is taking the barrier contraceptive world by storm. It is a gel-like substance that forms a the correct tight seal around the contraceptive device giving that critical boost of reliability.


By only using100% natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many adverse reactions which are synonymous with chemically packed spermicides, in particular those containing Nonoxynol-9.


Plus, take a look at some of our other products that can help your on your journey to more natural, wholesome reproductive health. Less known contraceptive options such as FemCap cervical cap, and the diaphragm, are totally hormone free and keep you and the environment safer. And check the Yes line of organic lubricants, the progressive choice for green and chemical free lubricants to enhance your love life. 


The Natural Alternative

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Breastfeeding & Fertility

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Currently we have an offer where when you buy 3 tubes the price drops from £15 a tube to £10 a tube. No voucher or special offer code is needed, just add it to your cart.


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Vegan and Organic

YES Lubricants

YES Organic and Vegan Lubricants YES

YES water based lubricants are compatible with ContraGel, vegan condoms and FemCap.


They are made from all natural ingredients, are completely chemical free, organic and totally vegan.


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Hormone Free Contraception


FemCap Cervical Cap

El FemCap is a non hormonal, instantly reversible, barrier contraceptive, approved by the FDA and CE as well as being prescribed by the NHS.


As a cervical cap it helps prevent sperm reaching the uterus in order to reduce the risk of pregnancy in fertile women during their Fertility Window.

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Milex Omniflex Diaphragms

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With the old Ortho All Flex diaphragms having disappeared from the market, the Milex brand from Cooper Surgical, a USA/American company, is without a doubt the number 1 brand for classic diaphragms.


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Caya Single Size Diaphragms

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Caya is the new single sized diaphragm which has just been launched.


Remember it is not a "one size fits all" diaphragm, rather it is only available in one single size. It replaces the traditional 65mm, 70mm, 75mm and 80mm diaphragms so knowing your traditional diaphragm size is still a requirement..


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Vegan Friendly Products

Want To Buy Vegan?

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ContraGel is vegan friendly, containing no animal derived products and has not been tested on animals.


It's also worth noting that FemCap is also vegan friendly, our Glyde condoms are certified vegan and also our Natracare intimate wipes, a great bedside companion for barrier contraceptive users.


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